Homeopathic Approaches for Managing Depression

Unlocking Emotional Healing: Exploring Homeopathic Approaches for Managing Depression

Did you know homeopathy isn’t only for physical ailments? As we know, all homeopathic remedies are the gentle, holistic, chemical free solution for what ails us. Using these treatments to restore emotional health and wellbeing is yet another benefit of this versatile approach 

Emotions are an important part of our lives. we react with different types of emotions in different life situations. But sudden change in life situations, constant stress, physical illness, social interactions, financial troubles, accidents may sometimes lead to an emotional imbalance. Emotional trauma can lead to physical illness. Poor sleep, lack of concentration, poor digestion, head ache, fatigue, tiredness, body pain, social life issues and also may increase the chance to get addicted to alcohol, smoking, drugs, sedentary habits etc.

How homeopathic support for depression and emotional healing work

Homeopathic support for depression and can help you to deal with these negative emotions  and their impacts in active life. The basic principle of homeopathy is “Like Cures Like”. A homeopath matches the emotional pattern of a person with a remedy which can produce same emotional changes  in a healthy person in remedy proving. The homeopath selects an exact similar remedy from wide range of remedies suited for his emotional picture.

Which homeopathic treatments to choose?

Some examples to show how homeopathic medicines works and their physical nature and qualities related with their medicinal actions:-

1.Calcaria Carbonica

ORIGIN:-oyster shells.

Oysters are sluggish; always attach themselves to rocks and with a hard outer shell and inner soft mass. The persons requiring Calcaria Carbonica  are soft persons who developed hard cover to protect themselves, they feel  very insecure and always seek protection and support.

2. Pulsatilla

ORIGIN: Wind flower-

These plants grow in groups. The flowers change their direction by the draft of the wind, the flowers grow downwards- Pulsatilla persons love company, are very shy and have a very changeable mind.

3. Sepia

ORIGIN: – Cuttle fish

The Cuttle fish escapes from enemies by spraying dark ink in the water. Sepia persons live in dark cloud of despair and sadness to escape from society.

What do we do next?

After detailed case taking a homeopath selects a remedy which matches the patient’s symptoms. This homeopathic treatment for depression and emotional healing acts as catalyst or stimuli to enable your body to re-balance and heal itself.

A reminder, homeopathic remedies are ultra diluted; there are no any active chemical or biological ingredients in homeopathic medicines- This means there will be no harm to our sensitive body systems, nerves or brain.

Benefits of homeopathic treatments

The benefits of homeopathic support for depression and emotional healing are numerous. To start with, our senses become clearer, it increases, vitality, physical energy, mental calmness and the ability to cope with all stressful situations. Homeopathy can help you to heal emotional trauma, that occurred years ago, which is still active in your conscious or subconscious mind. This natural healing system  believes in strong inter relation of body and mind in diseases, thus we will improve our general health  with any homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy supports the treatment for PTSD & Depression. Homeopathy may help with emotional trauma from grief, unexplained fear, anxiety, jealousy, anger and panic attacks.

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