Homeopathy and Autism

Homeopathy can support the treatment of Autism, Asperger syndrome and other related disorders. The advantage of homeopathy is – it is natural, chemical free and less toxic, so they won’t damage sensitive and delicate brain cells or nervous system. Homeopathic medicines can act and change child’s emotions and sensations but this action is not done by artificial stimulation of brain cells or centers but by stimulating kid’s inner healing power and energy which usually blocked somewhere in case of Autism and related disorders.

ADHD, ADD, AUTISM or pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) according to homeopathy are a set of complex issues.  They have problems with social and communication skills. They have unusual ways of learning, paying attention, or reacting to sensations. Their brain lacks the ability to focus. Normally when a child grows usually they develop the ability to focus, but in these case  brain is unable to develop this ability- ability to focus well.

Homeopathy for Autism

According to homeopathy stress plays a major role in Autism and related disorders. These stresses may start even during their intrauterine life or after birth. These may be Emotional traumas, Infections, Toxins, Nutritional deficiency or Environmental factors. These stresses leave long lasting impacts on the individual. First few years of life our nervous system and all other system are so sensitive that these may cause significant changes in the later life.

Substances from which homeopathic remedies are made have been demonstrated to produce psychological and physical effects equivalent to the effects of stress when administered for proving in healthy persons in minimal doses. Homeopathy medicines are selected according to ‘Similimum’ principle. The exact match of the symptoms selected from observing all individual peculiarities.

The mildly sweet pills & drops are easy to take and are more palatable than many conventional medicines. The advantage of homeopathy is homoeopathic pills do not alter digestion; does not lower resistance power; does not produce allergy and less harm even if taken for long-term. It will never decrease or suppress kid’s immune system. It support kid’s emotions, sensation, physical symptoms & mental in a healthy harmonious way.

How homeopathy works- homeopathy for Autism


No two people alike and the symptoms even a headache will be different in different individuals. Homeopathy medicines are selected according to a person’s mental & emotional peculiarities, likes, dislikes, sensations, reaction to social interactions, fears, physical nature, body systems peculiar nature, hereditary background etc. A holistic approach aiming at the root cause of the problem.

Vital Force

This is the inner energy present in every individual, which is our inner healing power. In Autism, ASD and other related conditions, this vital force is weak and altered. The action of Homeopathic medicines is on this vital force, it can help to strengthen weak vital force


 There will be some emotional block, so they cannot express their emotions well. They are incapable of receiving or understanding others emotions too. According to homeopathy principles there may be some blocks or obstacles which are genetic blocks (Miasms) or acquired ones (toxins, deficiency). Homeopathy has anti miasmatic or constitutional treatment which may help to overcome these blocks.


These are expressions of vital force and in disease conditions, it will present as signs and symptoms. These are very important tools in homeopathy because these are the communication of our vital force. In Autism, ASD and other related disorders there will be hyper or hypo sensations and there are remedies which help  to correct this altered senses to bring back the harmony of the system

Homeopathy is a traditional medicine. The role of homeopathy is to improve general health. Always seek medical advice for diagnosis, and in case of any emergency situation.

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