Homeopathy for child anxiety

How to support your anxious child naturally with Homeopathy

Many times parents get confused  about their child’s behavior. Is it ‘normal’ and age appropriate? Or something to worry about? It’s possible you may have an anxious child, even though it’ll show up differently in different children. Perhaps your 8 year old feels sick every school day morning, or your 10 year old worries excessively about their performance in sports. Some worry in children is expected, however as a parent you’ll likely know when it’s becoming something more.

Some children worry about many things such as school, their health or safety of family members, or about future in general such as grades and family issues. In addition, some children are naturally more timid and anxious than others. In time, this behavior will usually pass. But for an anxious child, this anxiety may cause serious problems in their studies, social interaction, concentration, development and their performances.

Anxiety in kids may be presented as:
  • Generalized anxiety
  • Separation anxiety (very normal in young children and usually subsides with age)
  • OCD – anxiety takes the form of obsessions (excessively preoccupying thoughts) and compulsions (repetitive actions to try to relieve anxiety)
  • Phobias (These are intense fears of specific things)
  • PTSD (anxiety disorder results from a traumatic past experience such as separation from a parent or a fright.)

Common symptoms in an anxious child may include excessive worrying, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, social withdrawal, irritability, and physical complaints like stomachaches or headaches.

Homeopathy: Gentle, natural treatment

Homeopathy may be helpful to many of these children. Kids’ minds and bodies are very delicate. They need a gentle treatment, a treatment without causing much disturbance in their immune system and not damaging sensitive nervous system. In Homeopathy we use ultra diluted natural medicines to ensure they cause less harmful toxic effect to their delicate brain or nervous system.

Homeopathic medicines are selected taking into consideration of the child’s individual peculiarities, their emotional picture, physical presentation, medical and treatment history and nutritional status. Sometimes deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals can also be a trigger for their abnormal behavior. The treatment is based on a complete evaluation of the child’s symptom pattern and intensity of symptoms. Homeopathy also addresses other underlying causes of problem such as inherited conditions, environmental and emotional stress. In most cases, causative factors are more important than the symptoms.

In order to effectively treat an anxious child homeopathically, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the full picture. The first step is to have a deep consultation including both the parent and the child to gain an exact symptom picture match. When the symptoms are identified clearly, the homeopathic medication can be accurately selected and natural healing can begin.

While homeopathy can be beneficial, it’s important to incorporate other supportive measures such as a nurturing environment, open communication, regular exercise, healthy diet, and relaxation techniques.

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