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Do you feel that you need to take supplements, and always be strict with your diet or else your chronically recurring problems will flare up?

Are you a person with lot of allergies, recurrent infections or with sensitive body and mind?

Are you a person who is chronically ill and on medication for long time?

Are you a person who most of the time feel tired, running down and cannot cope with many demands of your life?

Does your mood change frequently? Irritable, sad, anxious, happy or with an unstable mood most of the time?

You will get a big and long lasting improvement with a homoeopathic constitutional treatment. In homeopathy every person has a constitutional remedy which resonates with you as a unique individual.

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In constitutional consultation all individual peculiarities, hereditary back ground, life style changes, emotional and spiritual state of a person is fully analysed. Homeopath will listen deeply to you – listening to understand many different aspects of your personality and state of health. Your health state, descriptions of pains, emotional reactions, dreams and physical sensations are all relevant, as well as how you move your body, how you sleep and how you react to stress. Your exposure to toxins, chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, additives, habits and physical activities also affect your constitution.

All individual peculiarities must be analysed and taken into account since they all represent the body’s effort to express its constitution. Individuals who present recurrent acute or chronic episodes of an illness reflects it`s ‚Äúconstitutional” weakness. A person with a strong constitution can handle occasional dietary indiscretions, stresses, exposure to some germs, and life crises without getting ill.

A constitutional remedy can correct your known and unknown health issues in your body and mind. It can strengthen your system and immunity. It is also able to balance your underlying state of health, bringing with it greater emotional and mental clarity. A new found sense of well being is commonly experienced on taking a well prescribed homeopathic constitutional medicine.

Constitutional consultation is usually 1 hour and cost is $90.00. Follow up is usually after 1 month but depends upon your improvement and health situation.

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