Can Homeopathy Help PCOS?

Poly cystic ovarian syndrome homeopathy treatment help

Poly cystic ovary syndrome is one of the common reproductive and endocrine disorders affecting reproductive aged women. It’s a complex condition of the ovaries caused by hormonal imbalance. Normally every month, the ovaries mature with several sacs and these sacs will ripen to release eggs. But when poly cystic ovaries develop, many more of these types of sacs appear. These sacs then tend to develop into small cysts that can cause pain and have serious health side effects. Many women who suffer from the condition look for natural remedies for PCOS. Homeopathy may well be the  natural, gentle solution.

When ‘normal’ turns to ‘a problem’

Over time, these cysts can have a major impact on a patient’s health. Due to hormone level changes, elevated levels of testosterone and oestrogen can eventually result in hirsutism, acne and long or absent menstrual cycles and obesity. Also as a result of hormone changes, insulin resistance can develop.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can be associated with:

  • Period problems,
  • Difficulties becoming pregnant,
  • Excess hair growth,
  • Weight gain
  • Acne.
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Homeopathy is one of the natural remedies for PCOS. Treatment is holistic, taking into consideration of individuality of the person and all symptoms on the  physical, mental and emotional level.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome management

  • Life style changes are your first port of call for natural remedies for PCOS.
  • Regular exercise to reduce body weight is always a good first step. 
  • Diet control – Consume low glycemic index food.  Reduce carbohydrates, sugar, artificial sweeteners.  Consume vegetable juices rather than fruit juices.
  • Decrease the consumption of inflammatory and mucous forming foods such as red meats, dairy and gluten. Immune dysfunction may happen due to stress, environmental toxins and gut problems. Inflammation is a problem for PCOS because it may disrupt hormone receptors and stimulates  adrenal androgens
  • Reducing stress and anxiety may help with better hormone balance.
PCOS homeopathic support

When considering natural remedies for PCOS, many women turn to homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies have been used for female complaints for centuries..

Homeopathy may help with

1. Physical or symptom levels.

  -Balancing hyperactivity of the glands
  -Restoring hormonal balance- improves and regularises menstrual cycle.
  -Resuming normal functioning of ovaries.

2. Emotional levels.

Emotional factors and female hormonal cycle are non- inseparable. One will always affect the other. Stress plays another important role in hormonal imbalance. Our Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Ovary axis balance is important in maintaining a healthy reproductive system. Our mind and emotions have a significant role in this balance.  Homeopathic emotional detox will help to relieve the impact of stress in reproductive system bringing back hormone balance naturally. Homeopathy may improve depression, anxiety and other mental symptoms in PCOS.

3. Natural detox.

Homeopathic preparations traditionally have been used for hundreds of years to improve the health and well being of people of all ages. The remedies make our reproductive system strong and may help to expel unwanted things from our body by opening natural channels like perspiration, urination, excretion etc.

In some cases of PCOS, XENOESTROGENS may play a big role. Xenoestrogens are the by-products of industrial or chemical processing that have oestrogens like effects. We are exposed to xenoesrtogens in day to day life. In our daily use some type of the cling wraps, BPA plastics, sunscreen lotions, Insect repellents, shampoo, glue and the combined pill have xenoestrogens. They will increase the oestrogen level in our body and create imbalance in our reproductive organs.

They will give a false message to our reproductive system to develop hormone related issues in our reproductive system. The good news is that natural remedies for PCOS are abundant, especially when paired with expert support. Homeopathic remedies may help to naturally detox these from our body in natural ways.

The different expressions of this disease may be managed with homeopathic remedies. Combining good lifestyle choices, diet and exercise, homeopathy can help women with PCOS.

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